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— Taro responding to Ultraman Nice

Mothra Taro
Used by
Ultraman Nice, Kiryu, Snowflake, Bloodvolk, Cyber-Drakon, Bloodvolk's tribe, Aka and Ao
Alien Zagon, Blublu Zagon, Sadola, Gabora, Tekula, Tekula's tribe.

(Giant Divine Moth)

175 meters (Wingspan)
120 meters (Larva)

65 meters (Imago)

Earth Defenders
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Mothra Taro is a divine moth kaiju and is used by IForgotIExistedERHURHURHUR.


He was born with a twin, during Mothra's clash with Godzilla in Tokyo SOS. He and his twin helped Kiryu subdue Godzilla long enough for the latter to fly off with him and drop him into the ocean. He parted ways with his twin, going to live life on his own.


Debut: New Mothra

While Taro was crawling along the beach shore, Alien Zagon suddenly appeared, shooting down energy bolts, scaring civilians, and crushing vehicles! He then summoned his subordinate, Blublu Zagon, to assist him in his attack on the beach. The two alien monsters were on a rampage! While crawling, Taro got struck by one of the bolts, causing him to tumble over with a distressed chirp. The small insect kaiju managed to quickly burrow into the ground and then sneak up on Alien Zagon. Taro then burrowed up behind the Alien Zagon, positioning himself silently, before thrusting his stinger into his leg, causing Alien Zagon to stagger back.

Blublu Zagon ran up to help Alien Zagon, blasting a fireball at Taro. He turned just in time to see the incoming fireball, and rolled to the side, suffering only a portion of the attack. Taro then sprayed silk into Blublu's face, aiming to screw up his vision. He quickly burrows out of sight afterwards. Alien Zagon then searched for Taro, shooting down energy bolts at the ground to lure him out.

Taro then reappeared and rammed against Blublu Zagon, causing Blublu Zagon to hit against Alien Zagon. Taro then finally shot his webbing silk at Alien Zagon's face and then stung him in the legs again, causing Alien Zagon to trip over. As Ultraman Nice arrived to fight Blublu Zagon, Taro then caught Alien Zagon in a silk trap, defeating him. Ultraman Nice then went over and threw the silk-covered Alien Zagon into the waters for Taro; Alien Zagon was then thrown into the seas but swore revenge.

Friend or Foe?

Taro was crawling along yet another beach. He had spotted a resting, white Gojiran (called Snowflake), and was aiming to pass without a fight. But then, the ground shook, alerting the two kaiju! A kaiju then appeared. It was Sadola! He appeared out from underground along with Gabora to wreak havoc upon the entire island. However, the two new kaiju noticed the Gojiran and Mosuran, and attacked. Sadola shot out one of his extendo-arms to try to strike Taro, to which Taro then jumped back, letting the arm dig into the sand. He quickly turned and sunk his stinger into the extended arm; Sadola shrieked and reeled his arm back. Sadola then sprayed fog from his mouth around Taro's area, making it hard to see.

Taro burrowed underground and then reappeared shortly, looking to see where Sadola went. As Taro peeked his head out, Sadola then reappeared and slammed his pincers against the poor larva's face like clubs. Before he could do any more damage though, Snowflake then sent out a nuclear pulse while she fought Gabora, hitting Sadola and sending him flying against a dirt wall. Sadola flailed around, shooting an extendo-arm at Taro's area, creating an explosion of dirt to occur; Taro then bit Sadola in the arm, causing him to stagger back.


Danger Island is Danger

Taro met up with two other kaiju, one a deformed wolf MUTO(Bloodvolk) and another a half-cybernetic Gojiran-Komoditrhax hybrid (Cyber Drakon). They all decided to explore a cave. However, that cave was full of other wolf MUTOs, and their leader wanted to kill the three of them for defying tradition. After a quick escape, and a timely stinger to the eye of the leader, all three managed to escape with their lives. Bloodvolk was poisoned from a dart, however, and the three were taken to his cave. It is there that Taro cocooned himself.


All entries from this point on are done with the Imago form.

Black Mothra

As Taro was resting in the cave, the pack members began panicking. Having just recently become an Imago Mosuran, he was pretty tired. He decided to go check it out anyway, though. Once he got out there, he could see a Batoran staring back at him. After exchanging a few roars, the two battled. He was faced with a barrage of eye beams, to which he responded with a shower of wing scales. He fired his beams into it, hurting the Batoran. He was knocked out of the air by it, however, and was shot with eyebeams. He responded with his antennae beams, causing an explosion. He flipped himself over and hide in the smoke. He then dropped down on the Batoran, stinging it. Taro emerged the victor in the end after the Batoran had retreated.

Look at all these MUTOs


Behemoth Battle



There's a strange weather system ocurring in the atlantic. Various news reporters and meteorologists have already documented on it, and there could be a tornado or waterspout brewing. But it was out in the ocean, only ships or planes have to worry. It was really dark and hard to see, the only light provided being the larger-than-normal lightning flashes. A familiar face was soaring through the air. A large, moth-like kaiju. Taro had been traveling from island to island, looking for a place to stay. He couldn't stay at infant island, as he felt he might get kicked out for being an unfamiliar moth. A lightning bolt almost struck him, but he managed to avoid it. He let out an exasperated sounding chirp as he continued his journey. Though, something wasn't right, and even he knew it. A wall of clouds was approaching at a rather..frightening pace. From all sides. Slowly forming something of an eye.

Once the sky was closed off completely as the 'eye' closed, windspeeds would start to pick up drastically, and various objects (presumably ones that had been obtained by the storm before) would start flying around, Taro screeched, unable to reliably control where he was going. The winds kept increasing, more stuff kept smashing into him. Lightning crackled and struck some items inside the cloud. It was all too bvious now that he had found himself in the middle of a tornado. But this one? This one was bigger than kaiju, with kaiju such as Taro being the size of a large house within the funnel cloud. It was nearly pitch black, the only light visible being from the liightning surrounding the poor moth. Suddenly, an unfamiliar shape seemed to whirl around the cloud. Taro couldn't see, the dusty winds the tornado had were obsucring his vision. Then, he felt something bite into his left wing, and shake. He let out a loud, pained chirp as he struggled.

The newcomer kept shaking its head, trying to dislodge the wing from the mosuran. Taro fired his antenna beams wildly, but failed to land any hits whatsoever. The creature drew all kinds of blood, before deciding Taro was too bitter to become a meal. It swung its head, throwing taro right down into the waters being sucked up by the Twister. Taro struggled, but couldnt control where he'd go. The large storm surges would carry him and nearly drown him. Its only a matter of time before he'd drown. The tornado suddenly lurched forward, as if being controlled by something. Taro was left in its midst, as sealife began to rain all around him. Taro let out a few low chrips before he sank beneatht he waters, the surges carrying him away.

A full look at Taro's finalized design.


As a larva, he looked identical to most larvae, but he appeared to have a short stinger on the end of his tail. As an adult, the orange hair that would cover a portion of a normal Mosuran's head appears to be closer to brown, as well as the white fur on his face appearing to have a very slight violet tint at the end. His antennae resemble those of a male moth. His talons appear to be a sort of faded orange color, tipped with pearly white claws. The hair covering his legs lacks the same tint at the face. His  forewings have brown fur, but in Taro's case, they are preceded by black fur rather than peach like his mother's. The primary color of the forewing (black) has tints of dark purple. The yellow is replaced with a darker, more dirty-gold looking shade. The hind wings have a maroon color where the red would be expected, while also lacking the orange-yellow markings. His body style is nearly identical to his mother's, but his legs are covered in fur, like HeiseiMosu.

Taro's old ref.


He is a friendly, dedicated Kaiju, but doubts himself sometimes, due to the fact that he feels his mother's death was his fault. Being an Earth Defender, he takes his role very seriously, patrolling the earth to look for those he perceives as threats. He also has some weariness to Gojirans, as one has killed his mother. This never gets in the way of becoming allies with one, though. When he thinks someone is a threat, he won't charge headfirst. He'll make sure they're truly malicious before attacking. Should an ally be large enough, he'll rest upon their back as a sign of trust.



  • Burrowing: While crawling, he moves at approximately 34 kilometers per hour. When burrowing through the ground, he moves at around twice that speed.
  • Silk Spray: Like other larvae, he can encase his opponent in a thick sheet of silk.
  • Paralyzing Sting: He can stab the opponent with his tail, injecting them with a toxin that causes paralysis over time.


  • Antennae Beams: He can fire twin beams from his antennae. They can hit two targets, or spiral around each other and hit one with extra force.
  • Wing Scales: He can spread his wing scales to deflect energy attacks, or cause a stinging sensation. He still retains his ability to fly even after doing this.
  • Toxic Sting: Same as his larva form, but the toxin is noticeably more potent. It also causes immense pain rather than paralysis, and has a small chance to poison the opponent. He can also shoot stinger darts.
  • Sky Drop: He is able to lift opponents roughly twice his size off of the ground, and drop them.
  • Wing Slap: His wings are surprisingly durable, and can be used as melee weapons.


  • This is IForgot's first character.
  • Unlike other Mosurans, he doesn't speak in broken english, possibly a result of growing up without any other Mosurans, and thus learned to communicate normally.
  • While he looks like Heisei Mothra albeit with slightly different wing-patterns, you can tell he's male, as he has the feathery antennae male Mosurans tend to have.